Bartolomeo Manfredi

Italian painter, 1582-1622
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Bartolomeo Manfredi oil paintings
Bartolomeo Manfredi : Allegory of the Four Seasons
43714-Manfredi, Bartolomeo-Allegory of the Four Seasons.jpg
Bartolomeo Manfredi : Bacchus and a Drinker
43715-Manfredi, Bartolomeo-Bacchus and a Drinker.jpg
Bartolomeo Manfredi : Cupid Chastised
43716-Manfredi, Bartolomeo-Cupid Chastised.jpg
Bartolomeo Manfredi : Lute Playing Young
43717-Manfredi, Bartolomeo-Lute Playing Young.jpg
Bartolomeo Manfredi : The Guard Room
43718-Manfredi, Bartolomeo-The Guard Room.jpg
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Bartolomeo Manfredi (baptised 25 August 1582 - 12 December 1622) was an Italian painter, a leading member of the Caravaggisti (followers of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio) of the early 16th century. Manfredi was born in Ostiano, near Cremona. He may have been a pupil of Caravaggio in Rome at his famous libel trial in 1603 Caravaggio mentioned that a certain Bartolomeo, accused of distributing scurrilous poems attacking Caravaggio's detested rival Baglione, had been a servant of his. Certainly the Bartolomeo Manfredi known to art history was a close follower of Caravaggio's innovatory style, with its enhanced chiaroscuro and insistence on naturalism, with a gift for story-telling through expression and body-language.

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