Bernaert Van Orley

Flemish Northern Renaissance Painter, ca.1488-1541
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Bernaert Van Orley oil paintings
Bernaert Van Orley : Altarpiece of Sts Thomas and Matthias
45608-Orley, Bernaert van-Altarpiece of Sts Thomas and Matthias.jpg
Bernaert Van Orley : Haneton Triptych, centre
45609-Orley, Bernaert van-Haneton Triptych-centre.jpg
Bernaert Van Orley : Haneton Triptych, left
45610-Orley, Bernaert van-Haneton Triptych-left.jpg
Bernaert Van Orley : Haneton Triptych, right
45611-Orley, Bernaert van-Haneton Triptych-right.jpg
Bernaert Van Orley : Holy Family
45612-Orley, Bernaert van-Holy Family.jpg
Bernaert Van Orley : Joris van Zelle
45613-Orley, Bernaert van-Joris van Zelle.jpg
Bernaert Van Orley : Portrait of Charles V
45614-Orley, Bernaert van-Portrait of Charles V.jpg
Bernaert Van Orley : Portrait of Margareta van Oostenrijk
45615-Orley, Bernaert van-Portrait of Margareta van Oostenrijk.jpg
Bernaert Van Orley : Virgin and Child
45616-Orley, Bernaert van-Virgin and Child.jpg
Bernaert Van Orley : Virgin and Child II
45617-Orley, Bernaert van-Virgin and Child.jpg
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Bernaert van Orley (Brussels, between 1487 and 1491 - Brussels, 6 January 1541), also called Barend van Orley, Bernard van Orley or Barend van Brussel, was a significant Flemish Northern Renaissance painter and draughtsman, and also a leading designer of tapestries and stained glass. He is counted among a group of painters belonging to the Romanism school of painting, who has not been given enough attention by the general public.

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