Carl Larsson

Swedish Realist Painter, 1853-1919
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Carl Larsson oil paintings
Carl Larsson : A Fairy, or Kersti, and a View of a Meadow
43274-Larsson, Carl-A Fairy, or Kersti, and a View of a Meadow.jpg
Carl Larsson : A Lady Reading a Newspaper
43275-Larsson, Carl-A Lady Reading a Newspaper.jpg
Carl Larsson : Alma
43276-Larsson, Carl-Alma.jpg
Carl Larsson : An Interior with a Woman Reading
43277-Larsson, Carl-An Interior with a Woman Reading.jpg
Carl Larsson : Christmas Roses
43278-Larsson, Carl-Christmas Roses.jpg
Carl Larsson : Garden with Sculptures
43279-Larsson, Carl-Garden with Sculptures.jpg
Carl Larsson : Lisbeth At The Birch
43280-Larsson, Carl-Lisbeth At The Birch.jpg
Carl Larsson : My Loved Ones
43281-Larsson, Carl-My Loved Ones.jpg
Carl Larsson : November
43282-Larsson, Carl-November.jpg
Carl Larsson : October
43283-Larsson, Carl-October.jpg
Carl Larsson : Roses De Noel
43284-Larsson, Carl-Roses De Noel.jpg
Carl Larsson : Self Portrait
43285-Larsson, Carl-Self Portrait.jpg
Carl Larsson : Slanbuskar
43286-Larsson, Carl-Slanbuskar.jpg
Carl Larsson : Sunflowers
43287-Larsson, Carl-Sunflowers.jpg
Carl Larsson : The Old Man and the New Trees
43288-Larsson, Carl-The Old Man and the New Trees.jpg
Carl Larsson : The Still Life Painter
43289-Larsson, Carl-The Still Life Painter.jpg
Carl Larsson : A Young Girl with a Doll
51436-Larsson, Carl-A_Young_Girl_with_a_Doll.jpg
Carl Larsson : Brita at the Piano
51437-Larsson, Carl-Brita_at_the_Piano.jpg
Carl Larsson : Esbjorn Doing His Homework
51438-Larsson, Carl-Esbjorn_Doing_His_Homework.jpg
Carl Larsson : Karin in Grez Autu
Karin I Grez, Hostmotiv (Karin in Grez, Autumn), 51439-Larsson, Carl-Karin_in_Grez_Autu.jpg
Carl Larsson : krouthen
51440-Larsson, Carl-krouthen.jpg
Carl Larsson : larsson
51441-Larsson, Carl-larsson.jpg
Carl Larsson : Playing Scales
51442-Larsson, Carl-Playing_Scales.jpg
Carl Larsson : The Cowgirl in the meadow
oil on Canvas, 51443-Larsson, Carl--Unknown.jpg
Carl Larsson : The Fishing of the crabs
51445-Larsson, Carl--Unknown.jpg
Carl Larsson : Plowing
51446-Larsson, Carl--Unknown.jpg
Carl Larsson : Lisbeth reading
51447-Larsson, Carl--Unknown.jpg
Carl Larsson : Mother and daughter
51448-Larsson, Carl--Unknown.jpg
Carl Larsson : Grandfather with Esbjorn
51449-Larsson, Carl--Unknown.jpg
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Carl Larsson (May 28, 1853 - January 22, 1919) was a Swedish painter and interior designer, representative of the Arts and Crafts Movement.

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