Daniel Ridgway Knight

American, 1839-1924
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Daniel Ridgway Knight oil paintings
Daniel Ridgway Knight : A Pheasant in Hand
picture ID 33393-A_Pheasant_in_Hand.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : Cutting Roses
picture ID 33394-Cutting_Roses.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : Etretat Sur Mer
1923, picture ID 33395-Etretat_Sur_Mer.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : Gathering Apple Blossoms
1907, picture ID 33396-Gathering_Apple_Blossoms.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : Gathering Leaves
1883, picture ID 33397-Gathering_Leaves.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : Gossips
picture ID 33398-Gossips.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : Hailing the Ferryman
1888, picture ID 33399-Hailing_the_Ferryman.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : A Moment Of Rest
picture ID 33400-Knight_Daniel_Ridgeway_A_Moment_Of_Rest.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : A Woman With A Watering Can By The River
picture ID 33401-Knight_Daniel_Ridgeway_A_Woman_With_A_Watering_Can_By_The_River.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : Beneath The Apple Tree
picture ID 33402-Knight_Daniel_Ridgeway_Beneath_The_Apple_Tree.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : Maria And Madeleine Fishing
picture ID 33403-Knight_Daniel_Ridgeway_Maria_And_Madeleine_Fishing.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : Resting In The Garden
picture ID 33404-Knight_Daniel_Ridgeway_Resting_In_The_Garden.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : A Conversation
picture ID 33405-Knight_Daniel_Ridgway_A_Conversation.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : A Field of Flowers
picture ID 33407-Knight_Daniel_Ridgway_A_Field_of_Flowers.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : A Maid in Her Garden
picture ID 33410-Knight_Daniel_Ridgway_A_Maid_in_Her_Garden.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : A Pensive Moment
picture ID 33412-Knight_Daniel_Ridgway_A_Pensive_Moment.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : A Pensive Moment II
picture ID 33413-Knight_Daniel_Ridgway_A_Pensive_Moment.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : A Summer's Folly
picture ID 33414-Knight_Daniel_Ridgway_A_Summer-s_Folly.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : Apple Blossoms in Normandy
picture ID 33415-Knight_Daniel_Ridgway_Apple_Blossoms_in_Normandy.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : Brittany Girl Overlooking Stream
picture ID 33416-Knight_Daniel_Ridgway_Brittany_Girl_Overlooking_Stream.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : Clamming
picture ID 33417-Knight_Daniel_Ridgway_Clamming.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : Country Girl
picture ID 33418-Knight_Daniel_Ridgway_Country_Girl.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : Daydreaming
picture ID 33419-Knight_Daniel_Ridgway_Daydreaming.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : Fishing
picture ID 33420-Knight_Daniel_Ridgway_Fishing.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : Fishing II
picture ID 33421-Knight_Daniel_Ridgway_Fishing2.jpg
Daniel Ridgway Knight : Gathering Wheat
picture ID 33422-Knight_Daniel_Ridgway_Gathering_Wheat.jpg
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Daniel Ridgway Knight (March 15, 1839 - March 9, 1924) was an American artist born at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was a pupil at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris, under Gleyre, and later worked in the private studio of Meissonier. After 1872 he lived in France, having a house and studio at Poissy on the Seine. He painted peasant women out of doors with great popular success. He was awarded the silver medal and Cross of the Legion of Honor, Exposition Universelle, Paris, 1889, and was made a Knight of the Royal Order of St. Michael of Bavaria, Munich, 1893, and receiving the gold medal of honor from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, 1893. His son, Louis Aston Knight (1873 - 1948), is also known as a landscape painter.

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