Dieric Bouts

Netherlandish painter, 1420-1475
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Dieric Bouts oil paintings
Dieric Bouts : The Virgin and Child
panel painting, Musee Royal des Beaux-Arts at Antwerp
Dieric Bouts : The Fall of the Damned
1450, oil on wood, Musee des Beaux-Arts at Lille, France
Dieric Bouts : The Way to Paradise
1450, oil on wood, Musee des Beaux-Arts at Lille, France
Dieric Bouts : The Last Supper
approx. 1467, oil on panel, St. Pierre at Louvain, Belgium
Dieric Bouts : Portrait of a Man
1462, The National Gallery, London.
Dieric Bouts : Virgin and Child
tempera and oil on wood, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
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Dieric Bouts (born ca. 1420 - 6 May 1475) was an Early Netherlandish painter. According to Karel van Mander in his Het Schilderboeck of 1604, Bouts was born in Haarlem and was mainly active in Leuven (Louvain), where he was city painter from 1468. Van Mander confused the issue by writing biographies of both "Dieric of Haarlem" and "Dieric of Leuven," although he was referring to the same artist. The similarity of their last names also led to the confusion of Bouts with Hubrecht Stuerbout, a prominent sculptor in Leuven. Very little is actually known about Bouts' early life, but he was greatly influenced by Jan van Eyck and by Rogier van der Weyden, under whom he may have studied. He is first documented in Leuven in 1457 and worked there until his death in 1475.

Bouts was among the first northern painters to demonstrate the use of a single vanishing point (as illustrated in his Last Supper). His work has a certain primitive stiffness of drawing, and his figures are often disproportionately long and angular, but his pictures are highly expressive, well designed and rich in colour, with especially good landscape backgrounds.

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