Edgar Hunt

British, 1870-1955
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Edgar Hunt oil paintings
Edgar Hunt : A Chicken Doves Pigeons And Ducklings
Picture ID 34236-A_Chicken_Doves_Pigeons_And_Ducklings.jpg
Edgar Hunt : A Cockerel Hen And Chicks With Pigeons
Picture ID 34237-A_Cockerel_Hen_And_Chicks_With_Pigeons.jpg
Edgar Hunt : A Donkey And Chickens Outside A Stable
Picture ID 34238-A_Donkey_And_Chickens_Outside_A_Stable.jpg
Edgar Hunt : A farmyard Scene With Goats And Chickens
Picture ID 34239-A_farmyard_Scene_With_Goats_And_Chickens.jpg
Edgar Hunt : A farmyard Scene With Goats Chickens Doves
Picture ID 34240-A_farmyard_Scene_With_Goats_Chickens_Doves.jpg
Edgar Hunt : A Hen Chicks And Pigeons
Picture ID 34241-A_Hen_Chicks_And_Pigeons.jpg
Edgar Hunt : Calves And Chickens Feeding In A Farmyard
Picture ID 34242-Calves_And_Chickens_Feeding_In_A_Farmyard.jpg
Edgar Hunt : Chickens And Chicks
Picture ID 34243-Chickens_And_Chicks.jpg
Edgar Hunt : Chickens And Donkeys Feeding Outside A Barn
Picture ID 34244-Chickens_And_Donkeys_Feeding_Outside_A_Barn.jpg
Edgar Hunt : Chickens Ducks And Ducklings Paddling
Picture ID 34245-Chickens_Ducks_And_Ducklings_Paddling.jpg
Edgar Hunt : Chickens Feeding
Picture ID 34246-Chickens_Feeding.jpg
Edgar Hunt : Chickens In A Barnyard
Picture ID 34247-Chickens_In_A_Barnyard.jpg
Edgar Hunt : Chickens In A Farmyard
Picture ID 34248-Chickens_In_A_Farmyard.jpg
Edgar Hunt : Chickens Pigeons And A Dove
Picture ID 34249-Chickens_Pigeons_And_A_Dove.jpg
Edgar Hunt : Donkey Hens And Chickens In A Barn
Picture ID 34250-Donkey_Hens_And_Chickens_In_A_Barn.jpg
Edgar Hunt : Donkeys And Poultry
Picture ID 34251-Donkeys_And_Poultry.jpg
Edgar Hunt : Farmyard Friends
Picture ID 34252-Farmyard_Friends.jpg
Edgar Hunt : Farmyard Neighbours
Picture ID 34253-Farmyard_Neighbours.jpg
Edgar Hunt : Fowl Chicks And Goats By A Dog Kennel
Picture ID 34254-Fowl_Chicks_And_Goats_By_A_Dog_Kennel.jpg
Edgar Hunt : Goat And Chickens Feeding In A Cottage Interior
Picture ID 34255-Goat_And_Chickens_Feeding_In_A_Cottage_Interior.jpg
Edgar Hunt : Goats And Poultry
Picture ID 34256-Goats_And_Poultry.jpg
Edgar Hunt : Intruders
Picture ID 34257-Intruders.jpg
Edgar Hunt : Pigeons And Chickens
Picture ID 34258-Pigeons_And_Chickens.jpg
Edgar Hunt : Pigeons And Puppies
Picture ID 34259-Pigeons_And_Puppies.jpg
Edgar Hunt : Ponies Donky and Ducks In A Farmyard
Picture ID 34260-Ponies_Donky_and_Ducks_In_A_Farmyard.jpg
Edgar Hunt : Ponies By A Pond
Picture ID 34261-Ponies_By_A_Pond.jpg
Edgar Hunt : Poultry In A Barnyard
Picture ID 34262-Poultry_In_A_Barnyard.jpg
Edgar Hunt : Puppies And Pigeons Playing By A Kennel
Picture ID 34263-Puppies_And_Pigeons_Playing_By_A_Kennel.jpg
Edgar Hunt : The Intruder
Picture ID 34264-The_Intruder.jpg
Edgar Hunt : The Outside World
Picture ID 34265-The_Outside_World.jpg
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