Edouard Manet

France, 1832 - 1883
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Edouard Manet oil paintings
Edouard Manet : Lola de Valence
1862, 123x92cm
Edouard Manet : Luncheon on the Grass
1863, The Luncheon on the Grass (Le dejeuner sur l'herbe) (Deutsch: Das Fruhstuck im Grunen)
Edouard Manet : Olympia II
1863, oil on canvas, 130x190cm (51.2 x 74.8 in)
Edouard Manet : Fish and Oyster
or Still Life with Fish. 1864. oil on canvas, 71 x 91cm
Edouard Manet : Dead Matador
Dead Torero (Deutsch: Toter Torero) 1864-1865, oil on canvas, 76x153,3cm
Edouard Manet : Young Lady in 1866
oil on canvas, 185.1 x 128.6 cm (72.9 x 50.6 in)
Edouard Manet : The Bullfight
1865, Oil on canvas, The Art Institute of Chicago, United States
Edouard Manet : Breakfast in the Studio (the Black Jacket)
1868. New Pinakothek, Munich, Germany
Edouard Manet : The Departure Of The Folkestone Boat
c.1869, 59x71cm, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pennsylvania, PA, USA
Edouard Manet : The Port of Bordeaux
1871, 63x100cm, Feilchenfeldt collection, Germany
Edouard Manet : Berthe Morisot with a bouquet of violets
1872, 55x39cm, Musee d'Orsay, Paris, France
Edouard Manet : Railway
Le Chemin de fer. 1873, 93.3x114.5cm, National Gallery of Art, Washington DC, USA
Edouard Manet : On the Beach II
1873, 59.5x73cm, Musee du Louvre, Paris, France
Edouard Manet : The Artis, Portrait of Marcellin Desboutin
1875, oil on canvas, 192x128cm (75.6x50.4in) Portugues: O Artista - Retrato de Marcellin Desboutin
Edouard Manet : Edouard Manet
1878, oil on canvas, 73,6 x 50,2 cm
Edouard Manet : The waitress II
1879, oil on canvas, 65 x 77 cm
Edouard Manet : Nana II
1877, oil on canvas, 154 x 115 cm
Edouard Manet : The Bock Drinkers
1878, oil on canvas
Edouard Manet : In the Cafe
1878, oil on canvas
Edouard Manet : Ice skate run
1877, oil on canvas, 92 x 71,5 cm
Edouard Manet : Portrait of George Moore
1879, oil on canvas
Edouard Manet : Isabelle Lemonnier assise
1878, oil on canvas
Edouard Manet : Portrait of a Man
oil on canvas
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