Felix Vallotton

Swiss painter, 1865-1925
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Felix Vallotton oil paintings
Felix Vallotton : Paul Vallotton the Artist's Brother
picture ID 35030-Paul_Vallotton_the_Artist-s_Brother.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Portrait of Mr Hasen
picture ID 35031-Portrait_of_Mr_Hasen.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Portrait of the Artist's Brother with Hat
picture ID 35032-Portrait_of_the_Artist-s_Brother_with_Hat.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Self Portrait
picture ID 35033-Self_Portrait.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Self Portrait II
picture ID 35034-Self_Portrait.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Still Life with Red Peppers on a White Lacquered Table
picture ID 35035-Still Life with Red Peppers on a White Lacquered Table.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Still Life with Gladioli
picture ID 35036-Still_Life_with_Gladioli.jpg
Felix Vallotton : The Artist's Parents
picture ID 35037-The_Artist's_Parents.jpg
Felix Vallotton : The Sick Girl
picture ID 35038-The_Sick_Girl.jpg
Felix Vallotton : At the Cafe, The Provincial
canvas painting, 48891-Felix Vallotton-At the Cafe, The Provincial.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Autumn Crocuses
canvas painting, 48892-Felix Vallotton-Autumn Crocuses.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Bathing
canvas painting, 48893-Felix Vallotton-Bathing.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Box Seats at the Theater, the Gentleman and the Lady
canvas painting, 48894-Felix Vallotton-Box Seats at the Theater, the Gentleman and the Lady.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Chaste Suzanne
canvas painting, 48895-Felix Vallotton-Chaste Suzanne.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Chateau Gaillard at Andelys
canvas painting, 48896-Felix Vallotton-Chateau Gaillard at Andelys.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Cloud at Romanel
canvas painting, 48897-Felix Vallotton-Cloud at Romanel.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Dinner by Lamplight
canvas painting, 48898-Felix Vallotton-Dinner by Lamplight.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Edouard Vuilard
canvas painting, 48899-Felix Vallotton-Edouard Vuilard.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Evening on the Loire
canvas painting, 48900-Felix Vallotton-Evening on the Loire.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Felix Feneon at the Revue Blanche
canvas painting, 48901-Felix Vallotton-Felix Feneon at the Revue Blanche.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Felix Jasinski in His Printmaking Studio
canvas painting, 48902-Felix Vallotton-Felix Jasinski in His Printmaking Studio.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Flowers and Strawberries
canvas painting, 48903-Felix Vallotton-Flowers and Strawberries.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Gabrielle Vallotton at the Piano
canvas painting, 48904-Felix Vallotton-Gabrielle Vallotton at the Piano.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Gossip
canvas painting, 48905-Felix Vallotton-Gossip.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Interior with Couple and Screen, Intimacy
canvas painting, 48906-Felix Vallotton-Interior with Couple and Screen, Intimacy.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Interior with Woman in Pink
canvas painting, 48907-Felix Vallotton-Interior with Woman in Pink.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Interior, Bedroom with Two Figures
canvas painting, 48908-Felix Vallotton-Interior, Bedroom with Two Figures.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Interior, Vestibule by Lamplight
canvas painting, 48909-Felix Vallotton-Interior, Vestibule by Lamplight.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Lady at the Piano
canvas painting, 48910-Felix Vallotton-Lady at the Piano.jpg
Felix Vallotton : Landscape at Arques-la-Bataille
canvas painting, 48911-Felix Vallotton-Landscape at Arques-la-Bataille.jpg
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Félix Edouard Vallotton (December 28, 1865 - December 29, 1925) was a Swiss painter and printmaker associated with Les Nabis. He was an important figure in the development of the modern woodcut. He was born into a conservative middle class family in Lausanne, and there he attended Collège Cantonal, graduating with a degree in classical studies in 1882. In that year he moved to Paris to study art under Jules Joseph Lefebvre and Gustave Boulanger at the Académie Julian. He spent many hours in the Louvre, where he greatly admired the works of Holbein, Dürer and Ingres; these artists would remain exemplars for Vallotton throughout his life.[1] His earliest paintings, such as the Ingresque Portrait of Monsieur Ursenbach (1885), are firmly rooted in the academic tradition, and his self portrait of 1885 (seen at right) received an honorable mention at the Salon des artistes français in 1886.

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