Frantisek Kupka

Czech painter, 1871-1957
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Frantisek Kupka oil paintings
Frantisek Kupka : Boudoir scene
Picture ID 35788-Boudoir_scene.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : Money
Picture ID 35789-Money.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : The Book Lover
Picture ID 35790-The_Book_Lover.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : The Wave
Picture ID 35791-The_Wave.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : The Way of Silence
Picture ID 35792-The_Way_of_Silence.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : Admiration
1899, Picture ID 35793--Unknown.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : Yellow Spectrum
1907, Picture ID 35794--Unknown.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : The Beginning of Life
1900, Picture ID 35795--Unknown.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : The tree
1906, Picture ID 35796--Unknown.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : Self-Portrait
1905, Tags: arts-and-crafts, male-portraits, famous-people, Frantisek-Kupka
Frantisek Kupka : Woman and horse
1906, Picture ID 35798--Unknown.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : I do not care
1902, Picture ID 35799--Unknown.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : La paz, prueba para L'Assiette au beurre
Picture ID 35800--Unknown.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : Head of slut
1909, 28 x 32.5 cm, Picture ID 35801--Unknown.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : Women in the tavern
c.1903, 21x13.5cm, Picture ID 35802--Unknown.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : Lying naked, Gabrielle
1898, Tags: female-nude, Picture ID 35803--Unknown.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : Sleeping Face
1902, 24x18cm, Tags: female-portraits, Picture ID 35804--Unknown.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : Prometheus in chains
1905, 34x38.5cm, Tags: allegories-and-symbols, female-nude, Greek-and-Roman-Mythology, Prometheus
Frantisek Kupka : Ballad of Epona
1900, 79.5x126cm, Gallery: Narodni Galerie, Prague, Czech Republic, Picture ID 35806--Unknown.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : Lipstick
1908, Picture ID 35807--Unknown.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : The guy
1910, 104 x 58 cm, Picture ID 35808--Unknown.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : Crimson
1908, 63.5x63.5cm, Picture ID 35809--Unknown.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : The Gallien girl
1910, 108 x 100 cm, Picture ID 35810--Unknown.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : Tango
1909, 30 x 30 cm, Picture ID 35811--Unknown.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : Study for Autumn Sun
1905, 34 x 38.5 cm, Picture ID 35812--Unknown.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : The novelist
1903, 47.5 x 41.5 cm, Picture ID 35813--Unknown.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : Woman Picking Flowers
1909, Tags: female-portraits, Picture ID 35814--Unknown.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : Drill
1926, 85 x 73 cm, Gallery: Private Collection, Picture ID 35815--Unknown.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : Bathers
1906, Picture ID 35816--Unknown.jpg
Frantisek Kupka : Girl with a Ball
Picture ID 35817--Unknown.jpg
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Artist photo
František Kupka (September 23, 1871 - June 24, 1957) was a Czech painter and graphic artist. He was a pioneer and co-founder of the early phases of the abstract art movement and orphic cubism (orphism). Kupka's abstract works arose from a base of realism, but later evolved into pure abstract art. František Kupka was born in Opočno, eastern Bohemia (now Czech Republic) in 1871. From 1889 to 1892, he studied at the Prague Art Academy. At this time, he painted historical and patriotic themes. Kupka enrolled at the Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Vienna, where he concentrated on symbolic and allegorical subjects. He exhibited at the Kunstverein, Vienna, in 1894. His involvement with theosophy and Eastern philosophy dates from this period. By spring 1894, Kupka had settled in Paris; there he attended the Académie Julian briefly and then studied with Jean-Pierre Laurens at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts.

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