Frederic Remington

American Painter and Sculptor, 1861-1909
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Frederic Remington oil paintings
Frederic Remington : A Breed
picture ID 37336-A_Breed.jpg
Frederic Remington : A Brush with the Redskins
picture ID 37337-A_Brush_with_the_Redskins.jpg
Frederic Remington : A Gander Pull
picture ID 37338-A_Gander_Pull.jpg
Frederic Remington : A Pack Train
picture ID 37339-A_Pack_Train.jpg
Frederic Remington : A Regiment Scout
picture ID 37340-A_Regiment_Scout.jpg
Frederic Remington : A Vaquero
picture ID 37341-A_Vaquero.jpg
Frederic Remington : Against the Sunset
picture ID 37342-Against_the_Sunset.jpg
Frederic Remington : An Arguement with the Town Marshall
picture ID 37343-An_Arguement_with_the_Town_Marshall.jpg
Frederic Remington : An Assault on His Dignity
picture ID 37344-An_Assault_on_His_Dignity.jpg
Frederic Remington : Apache Fire Signal
picture ID 37345-Apache_Fire_Signal.jpg
Frederic Remington : Arresting the Deserter
picture ID 37346-Arresting_the_Deserter.jpg
Frederic Remington : Attack on the Supply Train
picture ID 37347-Attack_on_the_Supply_Train.jpg
Frederic Remington : Bull Fight in Mexico
picture ID 37348-Bull_Fight_in_Mexico.jpg
Frederic Remington : Buying Polo Ponies in the West
picture ID 37349-Buying_Polo_Ponies_in_the_West.jpg
Frederic Remington : Cheyenne Scouts Patrolling the Big Timber of the North Canadian Oklahoma
picture ID 37350-Cheyenne Scouts Patrolling the Big Timber of the North Canadian Oklahoma.jpg
Frederic Remington : Comming to the Call
picture ID 37351-Comming_to_the_Call.jpg
Frederic Remington : Fight for the Water Hole
picture ID 37352-Fight_for_the_Water_Hole.jpg
Frederic Remington : Hussar Russian Guard Corps
picture ID 37353-Hussar_Russian_Guard_Corps.jpg
Frederic Remington : Modern Comanche
picture ID 37354-Modern_Comanche.jpg
Frederic Remington : Mounted Cowboy in Chaps with Race Horse
picture ID 37355-Mounted Cowboy in Chaps with Race Horse.jpg
Frederic Remington : Pool in the Desert
picture ID 37356-Pool_in_the_Desert.jpg
Frederic Remington : Pretty Mother of the Night
picture ID 37357-Pretty_Mother_of_the_Night.jpg
Frederic Remington : Prospecting for Cattle Range
picture ID 37358-Prospecting_for_Cattle_Range.jpg
Frederic Remington : Radisson and Groseilliers
picture ID 37359-Radisson_and_Groseilliers.jpg
Frederic Remington : Self Portrait on a Horse
picture ID 37360-Self_Portrait_on_a_Horse.jpg
Frederic Remington : Signaling the Main Command
picture ID 37361-Signaling_the_Main_Command.jpg
Frederic Remington : Single Handed
picture ID 37362-Single_Handed.jpg
Frederic Remington : The Advance
picture ID 37363-The_Advance.jpg
Frederic Remington : The Apaches
picture ID 37364-The_Apaches.jpg
Frederic Remington : The Cowboy
picture ID 37365-The_Cowboy.jpg
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