Georges Croegaert

Belgian academic painter, 1848-1923
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Georges Croegaert oil paintings
Georges Croegaert : A Difficult Decision
canvas painting 38521-A_Difficult_Decision.jpg
Georges Croegaert : A Gentleman Wainting In An Interior
painting ID 38522-A_Gentleman_Wainting_In_An_Interior.jpg
Georges Croegaert : A Good Smoke
canvas painting 38523-A_Good_Smoke.jpg
Georges Croegaert : A Pinch Of Snuff
canvas painting 38524-A_Pinch_Of_Snuff.jpg
Georges Croegaert : A Quiet Moment
canvas painting 38525-A_Quiet_Moment.jpg
Georges Croegaert : Flirtation
canvas painting 38526-Flirtation.jpg
Georges Croegaert : In Perfect Tune
canvas painting 38527-In_Perfect_Tune.jpg
Georges Croegaert : Seeking Inspiration
canvas painting 38528-Seeking_Inspiration.jpg
Georges Croegaert : Teatime
canvas painting 38529-Teatime.jpg
Georges Croegaert : The Amate
Canvas painting 38530-The_Amate.jpg
Georges Croegaert : The Flirtation
Canvas painting 38531-The_Flirtation.jpg
Georges Croegaert : The Letter
Canvas painting 38532-The_Letter.jpg
Georges Croegaert : The Powder Puff
Canvas painting 38533-The_Powder_Puff.jpg
Georges Croegaert : The Winning Hand
Canvas painting 38534-The_Winning_Hand.jpg
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Georges Croegaert (1848-1923) was a Belgian academic painter. He was born in Antwerp, Belgium in 1848, and spent most of his life in Paris. Croegaert is associated with both classicism and anti-clerical art.

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