Georges Lemmen

Belgian Pointillist/Art Nouveau Painter, 1865-1916
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Georges Lemmen oil paintings
Georges Lemmen : Family Gathering in Saint-Idesbald
43379-Lemmen, Georges-Family Gathering in Saint-Idesbald.jpg
Georges Lemmen : Flowers and Apples
43380-Lemmen, Georges-Flowers and Apples.jpg
Georges Lemmen : Hat with a Red Ribbon
43381-Lemmen, Georges-Hat with a Red Ribbon.jpg
Georges Lemmen : Houses at La Hulpe
43382-Lemmen, Georges-Houses at La Hulpe.jpg
Georges Lemmen : Julie Lemmen Sleeping in an Armchair
43383-Lemmen, Georges-Julie Lemmen Sleeping in an Armchair.jpg
Georges Lemmen : Little Pierre
43384-Lemmen, Georges-Little Pierre.jpg
Georges Lemmen : Madame Georges Lemmen
43385-Lemmen, Georges-Madame Georges Lemmen.jpg
Georges Lemmen : Man Reading
43386-Lemmen, Georges-Man Reading.jpg
Georges Lemmen : Rooftops
43387-Lemmen, Georges-Rooftops.jpg
Georges Lemmen : Seated Young Woman in a Blue Hat
43388-Lemmen, Georges-Seated Young Woman in a Blue Hat.jpg
Georges Lemmen : Still Life with Fan
43389-Lemmen, Georges-Still Life with Fan.jpg
Georges Lemmen : Still Life with Fruit
43390-Lemmen, Georges-Still Life with Fruit.jpg
Georges Lemmen : The Artist's Father
43391-Lemmen, Georges-The Artist's Father.jpg
Georges Lemmen : The Beach
43392-Lemmen, Georges-The Beach.jpg
Georges Lemmen : The Knitter
43393-Lemmen, Georges-The Knitter.jpg
Georges Lemmen : The Talk
43394-Lemmen, Georges-The Talk.jpg
Georges Lemmen : Three Little Girls
43395-Lemmen, Georges-Three Little Girls.jpg
Georges Lemmen : Two Women in an Interior
43396-Lemmen, Georges-Two Women in an Interior.jpg
Georges Lemmen : Vase of Flowers
43397-Lemmen, Georges-Vase of Flowers.jpg
Georges Lemmen : Woman and Child
43398-Lemmen, Georges-Woman and Child.jpg
Georges Lemmen : Woman in Street Clothes
43399-Lemmen, Georges-Woman in Street Clothes.jpg
Georges Lemmen : Woman Standing in Front of the Mirror
43400-Lemmen, Georges-Woman Standing in Front of the Mirror.jpg
Georges Lemmen : Woman with Bared Breast
43401-Lemmen, Georges-Woman with Bared Breast.jpg
Georges Lemmen : Young Girl in White
43402-Lemmen, Georges-Young Girl in White.jpg
Georges Lemmen : Young Woman Seated in an Interior
43403-Lemmen, Georges-Young Woman Seated in an Interior.jpg
Georges Lemmen : Young Woman Sewing
43404-Lemmen, Georges-Young Woman Sewing.jpg
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Georges Lemmen - Belgian Pointillist/Art Nouveau Painter, 1865-1916

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