Georgia O Keeffe

American artist
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Georgia O Keeffe oil paintings
Georgia O Keeffe : Two Calla Lillies on Pink
Two Calla Lillies on Pink, 1928, oil on canvas, Philadelphia Museum of Art
Georgia O Keeffe : Summer Days
Summer Days, 1936, oil on canvas, Whitney Museum of American Art, NY
Georgia O Keeffe : Pink Dish and Green Leaves
Pink Dish and Green Leaves, 1928, pastel on paper
Georgia O Keeffe : Black Iris III
Black Iris III, 1926, oil on canvas, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY
Georgia O Keeffe : Music, Pink and Blue II
Music - Pink and Blue II, 1919, oil on canvas, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
Georgia O Keeffe : The Radiator Building at Night, New York
The Radiator Building at Night- New York, 1927, oil on canvas, Carl van Vechten Gallery of Fine Arts, Fisk University
Georgia O Keeffe : The Lawrence Tree
The Lawrence Tree (Oriented Correctly), Oil On Canvas
Georgia O Keeffe : Light Iris
Light Iris, 1924, oil on canvas, Virginia Museum of Fine-Arts, Richmond
Georgia O Keeffe : Cows Skull with Calico Roses
Cow's Skull with Calico Roses, 1932, oil on canvas, Art Institute of Chicago
Georgia O Keeffe : The Shelton with Sunspots
The Shelton with Sunspots, 1926, oil on canvas, The Art Institute of Chicago
Georgia O Keeffe : Black Cross, New Mexico
Black Cross, New Mexico, 1929, oil on canvas, Art Institute of Chicago
Georgia O Keeffe : Light Iris II
impression painting
Georgia O Keeffe : Jack in the Pulpit II
flower painting, Tags: flowers and plants
Georgia O Keeffe : New York Night
cityscape, Tags: houses and buildings, twilight and night
Georgia O Keeffe : Music: Pink and Blue, No. 1
1919, Oil on canvas, 48 x 30 in (121.9 x 76.2 cm)
Georgia O Keeffe : Shell
impression painting 38632--Unknown.jpg
Georgia O Keeffe : Three Shells
1937, impression painting 38633--Unknown.jpg
Georgia O Keeffe : Pelvis
impression painting 38635--Unknown.jpg
Georgia O Keeffe : Drawing III
impression painting 38636--Unknown.jpg
Georgia O Keeffe : Nude Series
impression painting 38637--Unknown.jpg
Georgia O Keeffe : Flower Abstraction
1924. Oil on canvas, 48 x 30 in. (121.9 x 76.2 cm). Whitney Museum of American Art, New York. impression painting 38638--Unknown.jpg
Georgia O Keeffe : Pink Sweet Peas 2
impression painting 38639--Unknown.jpg
Georgia O Keeffe : White Birch
1925, Oil on Canvas. impression painting 38640--Unknown.jpg
Georgia O Keeffe : White Sweet Peas
impression painting 38641--Unknown.jpg
Georgia O Keeffe : Clouds
This small canvas, called :Celebration, captures the clouds near Lake George, NY, and in O'Keeffe's imagination. This painting is on display at the Seattle Art Museum. impression painting 38642--Unknown.jpg
Georgia O Keeffe : Iris
impression painting 38643--Unknown.jpg
Georgia O Keeffe : Abstraction white
impression painting 38644--Unknown.jpg
Georgia O Keeffe : Flowers in the Desert
impression painting 38645--Unknown.jpg
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Georgia O'Keeffe was an American abstract painter, famous for the purity and lucidity of her still-life compositions. O'Keeffe was born in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, and studied at the school of the Art Institute of Chicago and at the Art Students League of New York. She taught art in Texas from 1913 to 1918. In 1916 the American photographer and art gallery director Alfred Stieglitz (whom she married in 1924) became interested in her abstract drawings and exhibited them at 291, his gallery in New York City; her work was shown annually in Stieglitz's galleries until his death in 1946 and was widely exhibited in other important institutions. O'Keeffe, who moved to New Mexico in 1949, is best known for her large paintings of desert flowers and scenery, in which single blossoms or objects such as a cow's skull are presented in close-up views. Although O'Keeffe handles her subject matter representationally, the starkly linear quality, the thin, clear coloring, and the boldly patterned compositions produce abstract designs. A number of her works have an abstracted effect, inspired by a series of airplane flights, O'Keeffe introduced motifs of sky and clouds, as seen from the air, into her paintings. One of her largest works is the mural Sky above Clouds (1965, collection of the artist), which is 7.3 m (24 ft) wide. O'Keeffe's paintings hang in museums and private collections throughout the United States.

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