Laurent De La Hire

French Baroque painter, 1606-1656
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Laurent De La Hire oil paintings
Laurent De La Hire : Abraham Sacrificing Isaac
43162-La Hire, Laurent de-Abraham Sacrificing Isaac.jpg
Laurent De La Hire : Allegorical Figure of Grammar
43163-La Hire, Laurent de-Allegorical Figure of Grammar.jpg
Laurent De La Hire : Allegorical Figure of Music
43164-La Hire, Laurent de-Allegorical Figure of Music.jpg
Laurent De La Hire : Allegory of the Regency
43165-La Hire, Laurent de-Allegory of the Regency.jpg
Laurent De La Hire : Astronomy
43166-La Hire, Laurent de-Astronomy.jpg
Laurent De La Hire : Cornelia Refusses the Crown of the Ptolomai
43167-La Hire, Laurent de-Cornelia Refusses the Crown of the Ptolomai.jpg
Laurent De La Hire : Cyrus Announcing to Araspas that Panthea Has Obtained His Pardon
43168-La Hire, Laurent de-Cyrus Announcing to Araspas that Panthea Has Obtained His Pardon.jpg
Laurent De La Hire : Jesus Appearing to the Three Marys
43169-La Hire, Laurent de-Jesus Appearing to the Three Marys.jpg
Laurent De La Hire : Job Restored to Prosperity
43170-La Hire, Laurent de-Job Restored to Prosperity.jpg
Laurent De La Hire : Laban Searching Jacob's Bagagge for the Stolen Idols
43171-La Hire, Laurent de-Laban Searching Jacob's Bagagge for the Stolen Idols.jpg
Laurent De La Hire : Landscape with Peace and Justice Embracing
43172-La Hire, Laurent de-Landscape with Peace and Justice Embracing.jpg
Laurent De La Hire : Mercury Takes Bacchus to be Brought up by Nymphs
43173-La Hire, Laurent de-Mercury Takes Bacchus to be Brought up by Nymphs.jpg
Laurent De La Hire : The Children of Bethel Mourned by their Mothers
43174-La Hire, Laurent de-The Children of Bethel Mourned by their Mothers.jpg
Laurent De La Hire : Theseus and Aethra
43175-La Hire, Laurent de-Theseus and Aethra.jpg
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Laurent de La Hyre (February 27, 1606 - December 28, 1656) was a French Baroque painter, born in Paris. He became a pupil of Georges Lallemand and studied the works of Primaticcio at Fontainebleau, but never visited Italy. La Hyre is associated with the transitional period before the introduction of the French Baroque by Simon Vouet. His picture of Pope Nicholas V opening the crypt in which he discovers the corpse of St. Francis of Assisi standing (located at the Louvre) was executed in 1630 for the Capuchin friars of the Marais; its gravity and sobriety seems to have been influential for the next generation of French painters, particularly Eustache Le Sueur. The Louvre contains eight other works, and paintings by La Hyre are in the museums of Strasburg, Rouen and Le Mans.

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