Nicolas Lancret

French painter, 1690 - 1743
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Nicolas Lancret oil paintings
Nicolas Lancret : A Scene from Le Comte d'Essex
43182-Lancret, Nicolas-A Scene from Le Comte d'Essex.jpg
Nicolas Lancret : Company in the Park
43183-Lancret, Nicolas-Company in the Park.jpg
Nicolas Lancret : Fete in a Wood
43184-Lancret, Nicolas-Fete in a Wood.jpg
Nicolas Lancret : Lady and Gentleman with two Girls and a Servant
43185-Lancret, Nicolas-Lady and Gentleman with two Girls and a Servant.jpg
Nicolas Lancret : Luncheon Party
43186-Lancret, Nicolas-Luncheon Party.jpg
Nicolas Lancret : Summer
43187-Lancret, Nicolas-Summer.jpg
Nicolas Lancret : The Bird Cage
43188-Lancret, Nicolas-The Bird Cage.jpg
Nicolas Lancret : The Dancer Camargo
43189-Lancret, Nicolas-The Dancer Camargo.jpg
Nicolas Lancret : The Marriage Contract
43190-Lancret, Nicolas-The Marriage Contract.jpg
Nicolas Lancret : The Seat of Justice in the Parliament of Paris in 1723
43191-Lancret, Nicolas-The Seat of Justice in the Parliament of Paris in 1723.jpg
Nicolas Lancret : The Swing
43192-Lancret, Nicolas-The Swing.jpg
Nicolas Lancret : Winter
43193-Lancret, Nicolas-Winter.jpg
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Nicolas Lancret (22 January 1690 - 14 September 1743), French painter, was born in Paris, and became a brilliant depicter of light comedy which reflected the tastes and manners of French society under the regent Orleans. His first master was Pierre d'Ulin, but his acquaintance with and admiration for Watteau induced him to leave d'Ulin for Gillot, whose pupil Watteau had been. Two pictures painted by Lancret and exhibited on the Place Dauphine had a great success, which laid the foundation of his fortune, and, it is said, estranged Watteau, who had been complimented as their author. Lancret's work cannot now, however, be taken for that of Watteau, for both in drawing and in painting his touch, although intelligent, is dry, hard and wanting in that quality which distinguished his great model; these characteristics are due possibly in part to the fact that he had been for some time in training under an engraver.

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