Quentin Massys

Flemish Northern Renaissance Painter, ca.1465-1530
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Quentin Massys oil paintings
Quentin Massys : Adoration of the Magi
picture ID 33308-Adoration_of_the_Magi.jpg
Quentin Massys : Ecce Homo
picture ID 33309-Ecce_Homo.jpg
Quentin Massys : Entombment
picture ID 33310-Entombment.jpg
Quentin Massys : Ecce Homo II
152, Oil on panel, picture ID 33311-Quentin Massys.jpg
Quentin Massys : Virgin and Child Surrounded by Angels
Oil on panel, Musee des Beaux-Arts, Lyons. picture ID 33312-Quentin Massys.jpg
Quentin Massys : The Virgin and Child
1529, Panel, Musee du Louvre, Paris. picture ID 33313-Quentin Massys.jpg
Quentin Massys : Portrait of a Canon
picture ID 33314-Portrait_of_a_Canon.jpg
Quentin Massys : Portrait of an Old Man
picture ID 33315-Portrait_of_an_Old_Man.jpg
Quentin Massys : Portrait of Erasmus of Rotterdam
picture ID 33316-Portrait_of_Erasmus_of_Rotterdam.jpg
Quentin Massys : St Anne Altarpiece central panel
picture ID 33317-St_Anne_Altarpiece_central_panel.jpg
Quentin Massys : St Christopher
picture ID 33318-St_Christopher.jpg
Quentin Massys : St John Altarpiece
picture ID 33319-St_John_Altarpiece.jpg
Quentin Massys : St Mary Magdalene
picture ID 33320-St_Mary_Magdalene.jpg
Quentin Massys : The Moneylender and his Wife
picture ID 33321-The_Moneylender_and_his_Wife.jpg
Quentin Massys : The Ungly Duchess
picture ID 33322-The_Ungly_Duchess.jpg
Quentin Massys : The Virgin Enthroned
picture ID 33323-The_Virgin_Enthroned.jpg
Quentin Massys : Virgin and Child
picture ID 33324-Virgin_and_Child.jpg
Quentin Massys : Virgin and Child II
picture ID 33325-Virgin_and_Child.jpg
Quentin Massys : Virgin and Child in a Landscape
picture ID 33326-Virgin_and_Child_in_a_Landscape.jpg
Quentin Massys : Virgin with the Child
picture ID 33327-Virgin_with_the_Child.jpg
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Quentin Matsys (Dutch: Quinten Matsijs; 1466 – 1530) was a painter in the Flemish tradition and a founder of the Antwerp school. He was born at Leuven, where he was trained as an ironsmith. Near the front of the Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp is a wrought-iron well, known as the "Matsys Well," which according to tradition was made by the painter-to-be. During the greater part of the 15th century, the centres in which the painters of the Low Countries most congregated were Tournai, Bruges, Ghent and Brussels. Leuven gained prominence toward the close of this period, employing workmen from all of the crafts. Not until the beginning of the 16th century did Antwerp take the lead which it afterward maintained against Bruges, Ghent, Brussels, Mechelen and Leuven. Matsys, as a member of Antwerp's Guild of Saint Luke, was one of its first notable artists.

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