Thomas Hill

American artist, 1829-1908
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Thomas Hill oil paintings
Thomas Hill : A View of Yosemite Valley
landscape painting, 48644-Thomas Hill-A_View_of_Yosemite_Valley.jpg
Thomas Hill : Alaska Scene near Juneau
landscape painting, 48645-Thomas Hill-Alaska_Scene_near_Juneau.jpg
Thomas Hill : Artist at His Easel in the Woods
landscape painting, 48646-Thomas Hill-Artist_at_His_Easel_in_the_Woods.jpg
Thomas Hill : Black Butte Mount Shasta
landscape painting, 48647-Thomas Hill-Black_Butte_Mount_Shasta.jpg
Thomas Hill : Bow River Gap at Banff on Canadian Pacific Railroad
landscape painting, 48648-Thomas Hill-Bow River Gap at Banff on Canadian Pacific Railroad.jpg
Thomas Hill : Bridal Veil Falls Yosemite Valley
landscape painting, 48649-Thomas Hill-Bridal_Veil_Falls_Yosemite_Valley.jpg
Thomas Hill : Bridle Veil Fall Yosemite
landscape painting, 48650-Thomas Hill-Bridle_Veil_Fall_Yosemite.jpg
Thomas Hill : Chinese Man Tending Cattle
landscape painting, 48651-Thomas Hill-Chinese_Man_Tending_Cattle.jpg
Thomas Hill : Crescent Lake
landscape painting, 48652-Thomas Hill-Crescent_Lake.jpg
Thomas Hill : Deer in a Landscape
landscape painting, 48653-Thomas Hill-Deer_in_a_Landscape.jpg
Thomas Hill : Donnner Lake
landscape painting, 48654-Thomas Hill-Donnner_Lake.jpg
Thomas Hill : Emerald Lake Near Tahoe
landscape painting, 48655-Thomas Hill-Emerald_Lake_Near_Tahoe.jpg
Thomas Hill : Encampment Surrounded By Mountains
landscape painting, 48656-Thomas Hill-Encampment_Surrounded_By_Mountains.jpg
Thomas Hill : Fishing on the Merced River
landscape painting, 48657-Thomas Hill-Fishing_on_the_Merced_River.jpg
Thomas Hill : Fishing Party in the Mountains
landscape painting, 48658-Thomas Hill-Fishing_Party_in_the_Mountains.jpg
Thomas Hill : Gathering Sedge
landscape painting, 48659-Thomas Hill-Gathering_Sedge.jpg
Thomas Hill : Indian Camp Yosemite
landscape painting, 48660-Thomas Hill-Indian_Camp_Yosemite.jpg
Thomas Hill : Land's end
landscape painting, 48661-Thomas Hill-Land-s_end.jpg
Thomas Hill : Morning Clear Lake
landscape painting, 48662-Thomas Hill-Morning_Clear_Lake.jpg
Thomas Hill : Mount Lafayette Franconia Notch New Hampshire
landscape painting, 48663-Thomas Hill-Mount Lafayette Franconia Notch New Hampshire.jpg
Thomas Hill : Mount Shasta and Castle Lake California
landscape painting, 48664-Thomas Hill-Mount_Shasta_and_Castle_Lake_California.jpg
Thomas Hill : Mount Shasta from Castle Lake
landscape painting, 48665-Thomas Hill-Mount_Shasta_from_Castle_Lake.jpg
Thomas Hill : Mount St Helena Napa Valley
landscape painting, 48666-Thomas Hill-Mount_St_Helena_Napa_Valley.jpg
Thomas Hill : Mount Washington
landscape painting, 48667-Thomas Hill-Mount_Washington.jpg
Thomas Hill : Mountain Lake
landscape painting, 48668-Thomas Hill-Mountain_Lake.jpg
Thomas Hill : Mountain of the Holy Cross
landscape painting, 48669-Thomas Hill-Mountain_of_the_Holy_Cross.jpg
Thomas Hill : North Dome Yosemite Valley
landscape painting, 48670-Thomas Hill-North_Dome_Yosemite_Valley.jpg
Thomas Hill : Resting by a Stream
landscape painting, 48671-Thomas Hill-Resting_by_a_Stream.jpg
Thomas Hill : Royal Arches and Half Dome Yosemite
landscape painting, 48672-Thomas Hill-Royal_Arches_and_Half_Dome_Yosemite.jpg
Thomas Hill : Sentinel Rock Yosemite
landscape painting, 48673-Thomas Hill-Sentinel_Rock_Yosemite.jpg
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Thomas Hill (September 11, 1829 - June 30, 1908) was an American artist of the 19th century. He produced many fine paintings of the California landscape, in particular of the Yosemite Valley, as well as the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

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