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Charles Emile Jacque : A Flock Of Sheep In A Barn

Total Paintings:16

Delphin Enjolras : A nude by firelight

Total Paintings:10

E Torrini : A Divine Rendition

Total Paintings:1

Edgar Degas : Cafe Concert Singer

Total Paintings:536

Edgar Hunt : A Chicken Doves Pigeons And Ducklings

Total Paintings:31

Edmond Francois Aman-Jean : Miss Ella Carmichael

Total Paintings:8

Edmund Adler : Dolls' Supper

Total Paintings:2

Edmund Blair Leighton : Alain Chartier

Total Paintings:17

Edmund Charles Tarbell : Amethyst

Total Paintings:16

Edmund Henry Osthaus : Commissioner, A Champion English Setter

Total Paintings:4

Edouard Cortes : Arc de Triomphe, Avenue Friedland

Total Paintings:139

Total:121, Page 2 of 9