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Georges Malkine : Canvas painting

Total Paintings:50

Georges Seurat : Sunday Afternoon on the Island of la Grande Jatte

Total Paintings:107

Georges Stein : A Flower Market Along The Seine

Total Paintings:8

Georges Washington : An Arab Hunting Party

Total Paintings:7

Georgia O Keeffe : Two Calla Lillies on Pink

Total Paintings:77

Gerard David : Triptych of Jan Des Trompes

Total Paintings:10

Gerard De Lairesse : Allegory Of The Five Senses

Total Paintings:7

Gerard Portielje : Joseph Welcome Refreshment

Total Paintings:4

Gerard Ter Borch : The Dispatch

Total Paintings:48

Gerbrand Van Den Eeckhout : An Elegant Company Playing Cards

Total Paintings:7

Gerrit Dou : The Quack

Total Paintings:62

Gerrit Van Honthorst : A young woman playing a viola da gamba

Total Paintings:22

Giacomo Balla : Graphic Young Girl Running on a Balcony

Total Paintings:2

Giacomo Ceruti : Boy With A Basket

Total Paintings:5

Total:198, Page 6 of 14