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Giambattista Pittoni : Annunciation

Total Paintings:4

Gian Lorenzo Bernini : David with the Head of Goliath

Total Paintings:6

Gianantonio Guardi : Herminia and Vafrino Find the Wounded Tancred

Total Paintings:9

Gilbert Charles Stuart : The Skater

Total Paintings:27

Giorgione : Adoration of the Magi

Total Paintings:18

Giotto : Saint Francis Giving his Mantle to a Poor Man

Total Paintings:17

Giovanni Antonio Guardi : Antonio Madonna And Child With Sain John The Baptist

Total Paintings:6

Giovanni Baglione : Graphic Heavenly Love Conquering Earthly Love

Total Paintings:5

Giovanni Battista Crespi : Christ Appears to the Apostles Peter and Paul

Total Paintings:4

Giovanni Battista Moroni : The Gentleman in Pink

Total Paintings:12

Giovanni Battista Piazzetta : The Sacrifice of Isaac

Total Paintings:16

Giovanni Battista Tiepolo : The Martyrdom of St

Total Paintings:57

Total:198, Page 7 of 14