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Abbott Handerson Thayer : Angel

Total Paintings:6

Alessandro Turchi : The Lamentation over the Dead Christ

Total Paintings:3

Alfred Thompson Bricher : A Cloudy Day

Total Paintings:34

Antony Troncet : Plowing

Total Paintings:4

Archibald Thorburn : A Cock Pheasant

Total Paintings:18

Auguste Toulmouche : Consolation

Total Paintings:16

Charles Theodore Frere : A Market Place, Cairo

Total Paintings:12

Charles Victor Thirion : At The Spring

Total Paintings:9

Constant Troyon : Approaching Storm

Total Paintings:6

David Teniers The Younger : A Festival Of Monkeys

Total Paintings:25

E Torrini : A Divine Rendition

Total Paintings:1

Edmund Charles Tarbell : Amethyst

Total Paintings:16

Elizabeth Thompson : Floreat Etona

Total Paintings:5

Total:93, Page 1 of 7