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Adam Elsheimer : Ceres And Stellio

Total Paintings:15

Adolf Eberle : The Intruder

Total Paintings:3

Adolf Schreyer : A Troika In Winter

Total Paintings:36

Adolph Von Menzel : The French Window

Total Paintings:17

Adrian Ludwig Richter : Bridal Procession In A Spring Landscape

Total Paintings:6

Albrecht Adam : Austrian Staff Officers Watching The Progress Of Battle

Total Paintings:1

Albrecht Altdorfer : Portrait of a Lady

Total Paintings:13

Albrecht Durer : Adam

Total Paintings:40

Alexander Koester : Ducks in a Forest Pond

Total Paintings:8

Andreas Achenbach : Sunset at the Sea with Thunderstorm

Total Paintings:18

Anselm Feuerbach : Iphigenia

Total Paintings:5

Anton Doll : Figures In A Frozen Winter Landscape

Total Paintings:5

Anton Raphael Mengs : Ferdinand IV, King of Naples

Total Paintings:4

Barthel Bruyn : Anne of Cleves

Total Paintings:10

Benno Adam : Dogs and Whelps

Total Paintings:1

Total:64, Page 1 of 5