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Abraham Hulk : A Dutch Pink Heading Out To Sea, With Shipping Beyond

Total Paintings:21

Abraham Solomon : A Portrait Of Two Girls With Their Governess

Total Paintings:10

Albert Joseph Moore : A Reverie

Total Paintings:50

Alfred De Breanski : Around the Campfire

Total Paintings:8

Alfred Glendening : A day at the seaside

Total Paintings:17

Allan Ramsay : Portrait of David Hume

Total Paintings:7

Anderson : A Garden Landscape In The West Country

Total Paintings:1

Andrew MacCallum : A View Of Philae

Total Paintings:3

Anthony Van Dyck : Self-portrait

Total Paintings:79

Archibald Thorburn : A Cock Pheasant

Total Paintings:18

Arthur Hacker : Autumn

Total Paintings:23

Arthur Hughes : April Love

Total Paintings:54

Arthur John Elsley : Family Favourites

Total Paintings:14

Benjamin Williams Leader : A Welsh Sheep Farm

Total Paintings:17

Total:156, Page 1 of 11