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Abbott Handerson Thayer : Angel

Total Paintings:6

Adam Emory Albright : Hand Shadows

Total Paintings:1

Albert Beck Wenzell : A Medieval Christmas

Total Paintings:3

Albert Bierstadt : A Rustic Mill

Total Paintings:185

Alberto Vargas : Varga Girl January 1941 Poster

Total Paintings:37

Alexis Seabrook : Garden Gatherings

Total Paintings:12

Alfred Thompson Bricher : A Cloudy Day

Total Paintings:34

Total Paintings:10

Archibald J Jr Motley : Self Portrait

Total Paintings:36

Asher Brown Durand : Dover Plain, Dutchess County, New York

Total Paintings:29

Benjamin West : Calypso's Reception of Telemachus and Mentor

Total Paintings:17

Berta Bache : A Still Life with Onions and a Cracked Egg

Total Paintings:1

Cecilia Beaux : Graphic New England Woman (Mrs. Jedediah H. Richards)

Total Paintings:7

Charles Courtney Curran : A Deep Sea Fantasy

Total Paintings:14

Charles Marion Russell : A Cree Indian

Total Paintings:62

Total:121, Page 1 of 9