George Inness

American landscape painter, 1825-1894
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George Inness oil paintings
George Inness : A Breezy Autumn
Landscape oil painting 38242-A_Breezy_Autumn.jpg
George Inness : A Gray Lowery Day
Landscape oil painting 38243-A_Gray_Lowery_Day.jpg
George Inness : A Passing Shower
Landscape oil painting 38244-A_Passing_Shower.jpg
George Inness : Afterglow
Landscape oil painting 38245-Afterglow.jpg
George Inness : Along the Jersey Shore
Landscape oil painting 38246-Along_the_Jersey_Shore.jpg
George Inness : Baberini Italy
Landscape oil painting 38247-Baberini_Italy.jpg
George Inness : Berkshire Hills
Landscape oil painting 38248-Berkshire_Hills.jpg
George Inness : California
Landscape oil painting 38249-California.jpg
George Inness : Clearing Up
Landscape oil painting 38250-Clearing_Up.jpg
George Inness : Cromwell's Bridge
Landscape oil painting 38251-Cromwell's_Bridge.jpg
George Inness : Early Autumn Montclair
Landscape oil painting 38252-Early_Autumn_Montclair.jpg
George Inness : Early Autumn Montclair II
Landscape oil painting 38253-Early_Autumn_Montclair.jpg
George Inness : Early Moonrise Florida aka Early Morning Florida
Landscape oil painting 1893, Style: Tonalism. oil on canvas 106 x 81 cm
George Inness : Early Morning Tarpon Springs
Landscape oil painting 38255-Early_Morning_Tarpon_Springs.jpg
George Inness : End of Day Montclair
Landscape oil painting 38256-End_of_Day_Montclair.jpg
George Inness : Etretat
Landscape oil painting 38257-Etretat.jpg
George Inness : Etretat Normandy
Landscape oil painting 38258-Etretat_Normandy.jpg
George Inness : Evening
Landscape oil painting 38259-Evening.jpg
George Inness : Evening Landscape
Landscape oil painting 38260-Evening_Landscape.jpg
George Inness : Fisherman in a Stream
Landscape oil painting 38261-Fisherman_in_a_Stream.jpg
George Inness : From the Sawangunk Mountains
Landscape oil painting 38262-From_the_Sawangunk_Mountains.jpg
George Inness : Gray Day Goochland Virgnia
Landscape oil painting 38263-Gray_Day_Goochland_Virgnia.jpg
George Inness : Hackensack Meadows Sunset
Landscape oil painting 38264-Hackensack_Meadows_Sunset.jpg
George Inness : Harvest Scene in the Delaware Valley
Landscape oil painting 38265-Harvest_Scene_in_the_Delaware_Valley.jpg
George Inness : Hillside at Etretet
Landscape oil painting 38266-Hillside_at_Etretet.jpg
George Inness : Home at Montclair
Landscape oil painting 38267-Home_at_Montclair.jpg
George Inness : In the Berkshires
Landscape oil painting 38268-In_the_Berkshires.jpg
George Inness : Italian Lanscape with Adueduct
Landscape oil painting 38269-Italian_Lanscape_with_Adueduct.jpg
George Inness : Landscape with Figure
Landscape oil painting 38270-Landscape_with_Figure.jpg
George Inness : Landscape with Sheep
Landscape oil painting 38271-Landscape_with_Sheep.jpg
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George Inness (May 1, 1825 - August 3, 1894), was an American landscape painter; born in Newburgh, New York; died at Bridge of Allan in Scotland. His work was influenced, in turn, by that of the old masters, the Hudson River school, the Barbizon school, and, finally, by the theology of Emanuel Swedenborg, whose spiritualism found vivid expression in the work of Inness' maturity. He is best known for these mature works that helped define the Tonalist movement.

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