Martin Johnson Heade

United States, 1819 - 1904
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Martin Johnson Heade oil paintings
Martin Johnson Heade : Magnoliae Grandeflorae
32446-Heade, Martin Johnson-Magnoliae Grandeflorae
Martin Johnson Heade : The Magnolia Blossom
Item ID 32447-Heade, Martin Johnson-The Magnolia Blossom
Martin Johnson Heade : A Magnolia on Red Velvet
c.1885 - 1895, Oil on canvas, 15 x 24 inches (38.10 x 60.96 cm), Private collection, Item ID 32448-Heade, Martin Johnson-A Magnolia on Red Velvet
Martin Johnson Heade : Giant Magnolias on a Blue Velvet Cloth
c.1890, Oil on canvas, 15 x 24 1/8 inches (38.4 x 61.5 cm), National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, USA. Item ID 32449-Heade, Martin Johnson-Giant_Magnolias_on_a_Blue_Velvet_Cloth
Martin Johnson Heade : Apple Blossoms
Item ID 32450-Heade, Martin Johnson-Apple_Blossoms
Martin Johnson Heade : Cherokee Roses On A Light Gray Cloth
Item ID 32451-Heade, Martin Johnson-Cherokee_Roses_On_A_Light_Gray_Cloth
Martin Johnson Heade : Orchids and Hummingbird
c.1875 - 1883, Oil on canvas, 14 1/8 x 22 1/8 inches (35.97 x 56.29 cm), Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA. Item ID 32452-Heade, Martin Johnson-Orchids_and_Hummingbird
Martin Johnson Heade : Cattelya Orchid and Three Brazilian Hummingbirds
1871, Oil on wood, National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, USA. Item ID 32453-Heade, Martin Johnson-Cattelya_Orchid_and_Three_Brazilian_Hummingbirds
Martin Johnson Heade : Hummingbird And Apple Blossoms
Item ID 32454-Heade, Martin Johnson-Hummingbird_And_Apple_Blossoms
Martin Johnson Heade : Hummingbird And Passionflowers
Item ID 32455-Heade, Martin Johnson-Hummingbird_And_Passionflowers
Martin Johnson Heade : Still Life with Apple Blossoms in a Nautilus Shell
1870, Oil on canvas, 20 7/8 x 17 inches (53.3 x 43.2 cm), Private collection. Item ID 32456-Heade, Martin Johnson-Still_Life_with_Apple_Blossoms_in_a_Nautilus_Shell
Martin Johnson Heade : Two Orchids in a mountain Landscape
c.1870, Oil on canvas, 17 x 22 7/8 inches (43.2 x 58.4 cm), Private collection. Item ID 32457-Heade, Martin Johnson-Two_Orchids_in_a_mountain_Landscape
Martin Johnson Heade : View from Fern Tree Walk Jamaica
c.1870, Oil on canvas, 20 3/4 x 35 3/8 inches (53 x 90 cm), Private collection. Item ID 32458-Heade, Martin Johnson-View_from_Fern_Tree_Walk_Jamaica
Martin Johnson Heade : Approaching Thunderstorm
Item ID 32459-Heade, Martin Johnson-Approaching_Thunderstorm
Martin Johnson Heade : Blue Morpho Butterfly
c.1864 - 1865, Oil on canvas, 12 1/4 x 10 inches (31.12 x 25.40 cm), Manoogian Collection. Item ID 32460-Heade, Martin Johnson-Blue_Morpho_Butterfly
Martin Johnson Heade : Brazilian Forest
1864, Oil on canvas, 20 x 16 inches (50.80 x 40.64 cm), Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, US. Item ID 32461-Heade, Martin Johnson-Brazilian_Forest
Martin Johnson Heade : Brookside
Item ID 32462-Heade, Martin Johnson-Brookside
Martin Johnson Heade : Lake George
Item ID 32463-Heade, Martin Johnson-Lake_George
Martin Johnson Heade : Newburyport Meadows
Item ID 32464-Heade, Martin Johnson-Newburyport_Meadows
Martin Johnson Heade : Sailing by Moonlight
Item ID 32465-Heade, Martin Johnson-Sailing_by_Moonlight
Martin Johnson Heade : The Stranded Boat
Item ID 32466-Heade, Martin Johnson-The_Stranded_Boat
Martin Johnson Heade : Thunder Storm on Narragansett Bay
Item ID 32467-Heade, Martin Johnson-Thunder_Storm_on_Narragansett_Bay
Martin Johnson Heade : Approaching Storm Beach Near Newport
Item ID 32468-Heade, Martin Johnson-Approaching_Storm_Beach_Near_Newport
Martin Johnson Heade : A Spray of Apple Blossoms
oil on canvas 40043-A Spray of Apple Blossoms.jpg
Martin Johnson Heade : A Vase of Corn Lilies and Heliotrope
oil on canvas 40044-A Vase of Corn Lilies and Heliotrope.jpg
Martin Johnson Heade : Amethyst Woodstar
oil on canvas 40045-Amethyst Woodstar.jpg
Martin Johnson Heade : An Amethyst Hummingbird with a White Orchid
oil on canvas 40046-An Amethyst Hummingbird with a White Orchid.jpg
Martin Johnson Heade : Apple Blossoms and Hummingbird
oil on canvas 40047-Apple Blossoms and Hummingbird.jpg
Martin Johnson Heade : Approaching Storm, Beach near Newport
oil on canvas 40048-Approaching Storm, Beach near Newport.jpg
Martin Johnson Heade : Approaching Thunder Storm
oil on canvas 40049-Approaching Thunder Storm.jpg
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Martin Johnson Heade (August 11, 1819-September 4, 1904) was a prolific American painter known for his salt marsh landscapes, seascapes, portraits of tropical birds, and still lifes. His painting style and subject matter, while derived from the romanticism of the time, is regarded by art historians as a significant departure from that of his peers.

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